Multid's data analysis software packages offer easy access to advanced state of the art data analysis algorithms through intiutive and functional graphical user interfaces. Users are never more than a few clicks away from the results.

GenEx, the ultimate tool for analyzing qPCR data, is our flag ship product.The number of scientists that are relying on GenEx for their qPCR data analysis has been in steadily increasing since the first version of GenEx was released in 2006. Today GenEx is the by far most used software among qPCR users around the world. GenEx contains a wide range of statistical and machine learning algorithms, as well as direct data import capabilities from all major qPCR instruments.

Our second product DATAN is the most powerful tool for analysing spectroscopic data. It is used by analytical chemists around the world. DATAN offers a wide selection of algorithms for decomposing measured spectra into concentrations and spectra for pure substances.